CareHub – Health Information Management System

CareHub is a market-leading next-generation health information management system (HIMS) developed by Xetech to help healthcare providers deliver optimum multi-disciplinary care to their patients in multi-speciality hospitals and clinics. CareHub core features are designed to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality, and safety of health care delivery with built-in decision support systems convert data to clinically relevant information and present it in the actionable form to healthcare providers and doctors. 

CareHub EMR and all it sub-modules can be deployed using one of the following methods

On-premise Solution

(SaaS) Solution

Cloud-hosted Solution

CareHub Modules

Pharmacy Management System

CareHub features advanced solutions for both inpatient and outpatient pharmacy. Not only it facilitates all aspects of hospital pharmacy management, but it also integrates with third-party EMR’s and HIMS using both HL7 and FHIR. Allowing you to track pharmacy dispensing, inventory, claims and invoicing management from within a single system

Radiology information system

CareHub’s innovative medical imaging solutions with direct Dicom engine and integration features with PACS allows sophisticated radiology solutions for healthcare providers. The system has built-in features for order management and patient queuing with capabilities to integrate with other radiology system and solutions.

Integration with Third-Party Software/Systems

Integration with third-party ERP/finance system for invoicing, payments and stock management

Interface with external pathology laboratory information system and EHR

HL7, FHIR, XML, REST, Integration Endpoints

Revenue Claims management System

CareHub provides integrated revenue cycle solutions using future-oriented claims and transaction processing system that advances clinic operations and workflow. Integration with payer and government systems directly, the system eliminates dependency on third-party interfaces. A single point of accountability including prior auth, auto invoice, claims and payments.

Laboratory Information system with device integration

CareHub LIMS has advanced capability to integrate with medical devices with a specific module for Device QC. An essential for any laboratory wanting to automate their lab systems. Microservices hybrid architecture not only allows connections with medical devices but also connects distributed labs into one solution with the added benefit of the patient portal and mobile app.

Stock and consumable management system

Although our inventory management system is designed around healthcare products, it features API endpoints to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Business Central, Zoho, or any other cloud-based ERP. Empowering you to make the best use of your legacy system but also enabling you to slowly migrate to the modern state of the art CareHub inventory management system.

Theatre Management System

Streamlining workflows and revolutionising surgical events, CareHub’s Theatre Management advances in surgical and anaesthetic procedures reducing significant risks for patients during operations and adverse events. The system further features comprehensive resource management, scheduling, Clinical Orders, Care team, Surgical Consumables/ Disposables and diagnostic device integration out of the box.
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Ward/Bed management System

The performance of most hospital departments is dependent on the way beds are being managed. CareHub’s ward and bed management module exceeds all expectation. Benefiting the surgical intensive care unit, medical care unit, daycares and integration with bedside terminal and devices. From admissions to discharges, the system helps healthcare administrator to gather accurate data to identify the availability of beds across wards, empowering healthcare providers to improve overall operational efficiency and enhance each patient’s experience.
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Digital platform including the patient portal and mobile app (iOS/Android)

CareHub is designed to provide acute patient care with make hospital a paper-free environment. The digital platform using the web portal and mobile app provides patient care from remotely. Features including

  • Appointments request and booking
  • Virtual appointments
  • GPS ambulance and patient tracking
  • Lab Results and investigations
  • Patient education and leaflets
  • Patient medication and prescription
  • In-hospital patient tracking and check-in.
  • An app-based integrated queuing system
  • Call center integration 
  • Telemedicine with remote patient care
  • And much more.

CareHub – Healthcare Speciality

Ophthalmology Management

Diabetes & Endocrinology Management

Cardiology Management

Rheumatology Management

Neurology Management

Oncology Management

Paediatrics Management

Surgery & Theatre Management

Haematology Management

Viral Morphology

Infectious Disease Management (i.e. Covid-19)

Other Custom Speciality Modules

Dental Management

Pregnancy Management & Childbirth

Immunopathology Management

Community Nurse

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