Managed Services

Any business or Enterprises looking to adopt the cloud into their infrastructure will have a lot of cloud services to manage. From the initial migration to automating business workflows in the cloud, the list of cloud computing is endless. Our experts ensure you get the best out of cloud platform you select. We fill the gaps in a businesses technical skillset and shortcomings, so you can be assured your cloud management is handled by experts that fully know the cloud environment you are using.

We have extensive knowledge into how the cloud environments function includes AWS and Azure and being Microsoft certified gold partner; Azure is our area of expertise. However, the industry experience has led us to work with some other cloud providers, as well as catering for a local cloud solution for those who do not wish the data to be off-premise.

Infrastructure Management Services We Offer

At Xetech, We have been assisting business with everything from planning and design of their IT infrastructure to everyday maintenance on a remote basis. We offer a variety of services which allow you to make sure that our plans meet all of your IT requirements. Some of the key services we offer include –


Cost-benefit cloud analysis


Migration of existing applications and data to Azure and AWS


Design, implementation and management of public, private and hybrid clouds


Cloud backup and disaster recovery


Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance


Cloud Automation: – Automating all day-to-day activities to ensure minimal human intervention and security breaches


Cloud Best Practices Implementation


Cloud Virtualisation, Cloud Desktop, VDI


Infrastructure as a Service


Fixed Cost Management – Network, Desktop and Security Services


Unlimited HelpDesk & Onsite Support


Private and hybrid cloud integration

Advantages of Outsourcing Infrastructure Management to Xetech

We are very flexible. We understand that not every enterprise is the same when it comes to cloud needs, knowledge, and ability. Therefore, our managed cloud service can customize our management capabilities to suit your specific cloud needs better. By providing multiple different managed services, we can help you decide which service would be the best suite for your enterprise needs.

A few of Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing IT services through Xetech’s Managed Services


Cost Savings

As a trusted partner, We source the best cloud solution to avoid expensive consulting and realize a lower total cost of ownership.
Staffing a full-time in-house team is extremely expensive, and wholly unnecessary when Xetech’s flexibility managed cloud services can deliver 24/7, dedicated services at a fraction of the cost. Reduction in the workforce, increased efficiency in performance and capacity planning of Xetech’s experts can upshoot in up to 50% reduction in your total IT operational costs.


Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Our cloud solutions are inherently flexible. We will easily upscale or downscale your rapid changes in IT requirements as and when required. We handle your increased business needs and changes by proactively exploring and identifying enhancements that allow for quick and easy allocation of resources in a monitored environment where overloading is never an apprehension.


High Availability, Reliability and Performance

Reliability, high availability and performance have always been a significant concern on distributed systems. We configure highly available and reliable services in the cloud, maintaining customer confidence, satisfaction and preventing revenue losses. We will ensure that your cloud infrastructure is continuously functioning at optimal levels and take measures to identify potential threats with persistence to provide uninterrupted service around the clock.


Disaster Recovery

Our cloud architects will ensure that cloud technology enables efficient disaster recovery, regardless of the type or intensity of workloads. We configure application-aware replication and application-consistent backup that scales based on your business needs in its entirety, including applications, operating systems, databases and documents (file shares).


Expert, Dedicated, Around-the-Clock Support

Xetech’s ISO-accredited services provide total peace of mind. You’ll never deal with an impersonal call centre to get support. Whether you need assistance overnight, during the week, or even on the weekend, one of our specialists will be available to resolve your technical issues 24x7x365.