Stay tranquil and follow your dreams, when we are here to handle the technical obstructions for you.

From the moment you trust us with your ideas and visions, we commit ourselves to provide the desired support until the time the application is in production. Along with our development and testing team, you can get complete and continuous assistance through our in-house front-line support team for any services that you get from us.

Custom Development

For any field or domain, the available technical solutions for industries might not fill the functional gaps. We offer Custom Application Development to meet your demands promptly.


We as a team can work together with your in-house team, as an extended arm, with a single aim, to give a real picture to your thoughts.

We dare to say that we are a top-notch software development company and, with our cost-efficient comprehensive solutions, technological support, and agile methodology, in building a seamless system, you will always be able to uphold your cutting edge.

We specialise in developing applications for Web, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and complex integrations for Enterprises and problematic Start-ups. The diverse pool of experienced Xetech technological talent will produce new solutions, revolutionise your legacy system, build API gateways and middlewares. The requirement could be a cloud-based, open-source or bespoke software development, and we can ensure you on-time delivery of exceptional quality, time and again.

Windows Form

For any application, forms are the base unit. We are here to look after the function and design of windows form with easy and quick solutions. For you to add or remove or to edit data, we also create a user interface


To build an application that can run on the Windows operating system, we use the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphical subsystem. We have experts to create the windows client applications from simple to complex and for small to large scale businesses.

Windows Store

As has been noted, .NET Core is one of the most versatile application development frameworks available and keeping that in mind, .Net Core is a platform of choice for all Xetech development. All of our inhouse products are based on .Net Core using a microservice architecture; therefore, expect nothing less than outstanding from our team.


Do you want to build an application for the Linux operating system? Then you are undoubtedly at the right place. Linux is gathering more popularity among the new generation users. And our technology specialists realise it very well. Let’s grow with Linux technology.


Mobilisation is the only solution to add liquidity to an immobile operation. The emergence of mobile technology leads us towards an extensive reach to the target audience. Augment the profits of your enterprise with the inimitable mobile technology solutions offered by us.